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Purchase a hyperbaric massage membership
and save over 55% on each session

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60 minute HBOT treatment - Regular price - $125

60 minute Outcall Massage - Regular price - $100

Combined treatment - Regular price - $225

Combined treatment - Member price - $100

Annual Membership price - $200

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Save $125 on every session

Benefits of HBOT with Massage

HBOT Annual Membership info

What is hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) all about?
Here are several videos that provide more detailed information on this clinically proven therapy.

HBOT Explained

HBOT and Stem Cells

HBOT and Athletic Performance

How HBOT works

HBOT and Cancer

HBOT and Brain Injuries

Healing through HBOT

HBOT and Diabetes

HBOT and Long Covid

What are the benefits of receiving massage therapy during your HBOT treatment?

While massage therapy and hyperbaric oxygen therapy both provide holistic health benefits individually, there is a tremendous increased benefit to receiving both therapies at the exact same time or within hours of each other. The undisputed benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy are greatly enhanced by the physiological effects of massage therapy upon the body's circulatory, nervous and lymphatic systems, it's tissues and muscles, and the reduction of stress and inflammation in the body. With hyperbaric oxygen therapy's focus being on supplying the body with oxygen while under pressure, massage literally increases blood circulation, removes adhesions and muscle tension which helps deliver the oxygenated blood deeper into your muscles and tissues, enhancing both the immediate and long term healing benefits of hyperbaric oxygen treatments.

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