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License# MT116938

I was brought up and taught to value myself and aim high and to stand up for what I believe in. These foundational values lead me to enlist in the US Marine Corps when I was only 16yrs old and fly off to boot camp after graduating high school to serve our country with a desire to preserve our quality of life.  ​Today, I am just as passionate about preserving our quality of life as a licensed massage therapist as I was about being a Marine. Standing out in the desert with my rifle in my hands during the Persian Gulf War, I promised myself that I would leave a legacy that shows that I made a difference in the lives of those around me here at home as well as on the battlefield. ​

I am now improving the quality of life for my clients through the holistic benefits of therapeutic massage. The high pressures of our work environments along with the physical demands of our recreational and fitness activities take a high toll on our bodies. Many people have come to understand that getting regular massages is just as important as regular exercise. My son and I are here to provide high quality, professional therapeutic massage services to meet that growing awareness.

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Of the top 3 reasons I am excited about being a massage therapist, one of them is the opportunity I have to be a partner in a massage practice with my dad. Becoming the adopted son of Calvin Drake has made an extraordinary difference in my life.

My dad is a US Marine Corps veteran and a licensed massage therapist with over 15 years of experience. He has constantly shared his vision for the future which inspired me to follow in his footsteps and his passion quickly became my own. Through the close relationship my dad and I share, not only has he taught me the importance of treating everyone I encounter with honor and respect, he is an amazing mentor. As an honor roll graduate of the 736 hour massage therapy program at Cortiva Massage Institute in Richardson TX, I am learning firsthand, unique massage techniques that has made my dad a much sought after therapist as I believe it will do for me as well. 

Following my dad's example, the time and attention my clients receive from me is based upon a passion for their health, overall well-being and the commitment to assist them in recovering from injuries and other muscular issues. 

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License# MT132415

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