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Calvin is the best massage therapist I’ve ever worked with. And It would be fair to say that he may even care more about my progress and well-being than I do, which goes to show how passionate this man is about his work! Not only is he effective with our appointments, but he’s knowledgeable about anatomy and happy to explain what he’s thinking. This helps him treat the cause instead of the only the symptoms for lasting improvement! Calvin is the best. There’s no other way to say it.

                                                                                                           Christopher B.

After going to prominent shoulder doctors, I was depressed over the news that I needed a total shoulder replacement. I was not happy with the news, so I tried airrosti, graston, chiropractic, and rehabilitation. I saw very limited improvement. I kept searching for different options, then I found Calvin. Calvin has given me hope...the pain is gone and he has restored the mobility in my shoulder. The difference with Calvin, he actually understands the body mechanics and can troubleshoot problem areas. I have known Calvin for over a year now and have come to rely on him to keep me moving both physically and mentally.   Thank you so very much for healing the body and helping us fight the good fight from tearing it down to make a living.

                                                                                                          Anthony C. / Police Officer

I received my first therapeutic massage from Calvin over four years ago.  Since then, Calvin has transformed my understanding of what a good therapeutic massage can do for your body and mental well-being, and I see him on a regular basis.  Calvin is a true student of his profession. The first thing that struck me as being different about Calvin as compared to other massage therapists I have used in the past is his understanding of human anatomy.  For example, Calvin taught me about the ways in which sitting all day at work can cause pain in different areas of the body. Calvin also listened to me explain the pain I was experiencing in my lower back and hips and applied his massage techniques to help me treat it.  This resulted in a level of relief that I had not before experienced.  Calvin is also a consummate professional. Ensuring that I always feel comfortable in a session is his number one concern. I consider the massage therapy I receive from Calvin to be an essential part of my workout and overall wellness routine, and cannot imagine my life without it.   

                                                                                                           Tyler J. 

Calvin Drake has been my massage therapist for over 5 years now. Because of some bad experiences with massage therapists in the past, I was reluctant to try one again. However, after some strong encouragement from my trainer who highly recommended him, I agreed to a session with Calvin. I was immediately impressed with how closely he listened to my "issues" and how receptive he was in working with me at MY pace. I immediately started seeing him on a weekly basis, and we quickly moved to two-hour sessions each week, which we still continue to this day. He has helped me to remain physically active and able to travel domestically as well as internationally. Each week, he carefully listens to what's been bothering me, and always knows exactly what muscles need to be worked on. He has extensive knowledge and training and uses that to masterfully target the exact problem areas. He also understands how muscles interact and react, and skillfully massages and coaxes the muscles into responding as they should, never forcing them. He is highly skilled, knowledgeable, dependable and reliable. I highly recommend Calvin and I strongly believe you will not be disappointed.

                                                                                                           Pam P.

“Calvin is medicinal! I don't just feel relaxed after a session with him, I feel healthier. My muscles and joints feel healed. I feel totally comfortable and at ease on the table with him. His professionalism and integrity are unmatched and he is a joy to work with!”

                                                                                                          Mary Margaret E.

“I have been getting massages for years and Calvin is by far the best and most professional massage therapist I have been to. Calvin listens to your individual needs and is truly gifted at identifying areas that need additional attention. I recommend Calvin to all of my friends and family. Book an appointment with Calvin and you will not regret it.”

                                                                                                          Jordan H.

About 4 years ago, my law firm made the wonderful decision to provide monthly massages for all of us.  I will never forget the first day that Calvin came to our office because I got the best massage I have ever had in my life!  I have had plenty of other massage therapists, but none compare to the excellent work he does.  He listens to your issues, and is the only one that has ever been able to fix some long-term problems I have had.  I strongly recommend him if you are looking for a top notch massage!  Which is why I have nicknamed him “MagiCal!”

                                                                                                         Amy G.

“I have been skeptical on the power of massage and how much it may effect your overall well being but Calvin has changed my perspective entirely. His approach to massage is to locate the root of the problem and maintain the correction. Calvin has been able to ease my neck, back and shoulder pain within a couple of sessions and continuously advises me on the best way to treat my body. My overall health and wellness has improved.”

                                                                                                         Betie G.

“Calvin is awesome. He has been a key factor in keeping my sciatica and other back issues under control. He can pinpoint the root cause of my pain and alleviate the pain in just a few sessions. He really knows his stuff”

                                                                                                        Lisa H.

The massages I receive from Calvin are fantastic and I easily rate them as a 10/10.  He is very helpful in explaining his approach to massage as well as the different causes of knots/tension/etc. within the human body. I felt I got an excellent education on the interrelationship of physique and nutrition to go along with a first-rate massage. I receive sessions from Calvin on a regular basis and I’m always happy when I see him coming in to set up.

                                                                                                       Spencer T.

“Excellent at finding the muscles that need work. Uses just the right amount of pressure to bring the muscles back to their original relaxed state. Very cordial and respectful. Cares for my well being. I could go on and on about how good he is!"

                                                                                                      Nabil S.

“Calvin is the best! He’s so professional, so easy to talk to, and gives the best massages! I’ve had neck and hip pain for a while, and Calvin helps me feel some relief. He has the perfect combination of therapeutic and relaxation! Thanks Calvin! :)”

                                                                                                     Kaylyn K.

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