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We need your help 

Myself and other individual massage therapists throughout the state of Texas are volunteering to travel to Uvalde in order to provide massage therapy services to the victims, their families and school staff members involved in the school shooting at Robb Elementary.


As volunteers, we are taking time away from our private practices and traveling to Uvalde to provide these services at our own expense.

We are humbly asking for donations to help us cover our travel, food and lodging expenses. 

Your donations will directly impact the lives of those who are most in need of emotional and physical support during this time.

Unfortunately, events like this are happening throughout our nation. In response to the events that happen in 

Texas, we are discussing the creation of a Massage Emergency Response Team (MERT) that would travel through-

out Texas to assist in the mental, emotional and physical recovery of those affected by trauma and tragedy.

The donations you provide will help us to serve Uvalde and gain the critical knowledge and experience

needed to create an effective and efficient MERT program.

Thank you for supporting your fellow Texans in their time of need.

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As we continue to get more organized, we will provide

updates and feedback through social media so that you

will be able to see the impact your donations are making

in the lives of your fellow Texans. We sincerely thank you.

Please help us by clicking

       the donate button

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